Energy Roundtable on Graph and Machine Learning

Recorded March 31, 2020 

The focus of this webinar is to identify how Graph and Machine Learning can directly affect the high value use cases in Energy - Transmissions - Pipelines - Field based IoT - Networks. This event is designed as a 'Speed Dating' format with focus on key topics for under 15 minutes in order to maximize the insights. During this online meetup, you'll learn from our experts on how Expero and TigerGraph technology can unlock the potential in your organization. We will feature unique TigerGraph and Expero technology lightning talks, followed by a short Q&A. Four bite sized informative sessions to learn how to use TigerGraph and Expero to maximize the effectiveness of your business.

What You'll Learn:

  • Energy and IoT connected systems - why SQL and current ML approaches fall short
  • How utilizing Graph can cut costs by 10%
  • Drive real-time & predictive decisions while increasing velocity
  • Detailed review of ML methods and approaches combined with Graph to realize the accuracy increase
  • Using Graph and ML to increase accuracy of Energy - Transmission - IoT determinations by 20%


  • Michael Shaler, VP Business Development, TigerGraph
  • Victor Lee, Head of Product Strategy and Developer Relations, TigerGraph
  • Scott Heath, VP Customer Success, Expero
  • Graham Ganssle, Ph.D., P.G, Data Science Practice Lead, Expero