TigerGraph Enterprise Edition


Use the World’s Fastest Graph Database for Free

TigerGraph Graph Database is the fastest and most scalable graph database. The Free License option gives every feature of TigerGraph Enterprise, for up to 50GB of data storage. With TigerGraph's advanced data compression, 50 GB in TigerGraph is equivalent to between 150 GB and 500 GB data on other graph databases. The free license is available to any user, for both production and non-production use

The free license allows you to:

  • Learn and experience: You get access to a full-featured Enterprise product with 50GB graph size (which is 150GB+ on other graph systems) max limit to learn about TigerGraph, deep-link analytics, and scalable and distributed processing.

  • Develop and test: You can develop and test enterprise applications using the full version of TigerGraph, but without professional TigerGraph support.

  • Deploy into production: You are welcome to use TigerGraph Free License for production, if you can live within the graph size limit and with community support.

Download now and learn more:

Read TigerGraph's License FAQ

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