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TigerGraph's GSQL Webinar

This is the first webinar that will kick off a series of GSQL discussions. In this webinar:

  • Alin Deutsch, UCSD Professor and query language design and optimization specialist, overviews the graph query landscape, key issues and key contributions of GSQL.
  • Mingxi Wu, VP of Engineering at TigerGraph, gives a  GSQL crash course covering GSQL 101 and more. 
  • The TigerGraph team answers live questions about GSQL. 

What is GSQL? GSQL is a high-level yet Turing-complete query language for expressing graph analytics. GSQL features an SQL-like syntax that reduces the learning curve for SQL programmers while simultaneously supporting a Map-Reduce interpretation that is preferred by NoSQL developers and that is compatible with scalable, massively parallel evaluation.


Mingxi Wu, VP of Engineering, TigerGraph 

Alin Deutsch, Professor, UC San Diego

Victor Lee, Director of Product Management, TigerGraph