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TigerGraph Architecture Overview - Why It's 100x Faster Than Competition

Recorded July 22, 2020 

Speed with scale matters.

Whether it's providing subsecond responses and transactional updates to thousands of call center specialists or millions of retail banking or e-commerce users, or delivering complex analytics, modeling, and optimizations for your data scientists in minutes instead of days, speed with scale matters to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

TigerGraph is the graph database designed from the ground up for speed with scale and scalability, on OLTP or OLAP workloads. 

TigerGraph is in production with large graphs containing tens of terabytes of data, tens of billions of entities(vertices) and relationships (edges),  supporting 23,000+ users. 

By watching this webinar you will:

  • Understand how performance scales with data size and with machine cluster size.
  • Learn how GSQL accumulators and multi-threaded execution contribute to fast analytical querying.
  • Understand how Kafka-based parallel and distributed loading creates blazing data ingestion.
  • Find out how our new platform in v3.0 speeds up deployment and configuration of large clusters.


Dr. Victor Lee, Head of Product Strategy and Developer Relations

Rayees Pasha, Principal Product Manager